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BodyCushion Benefits

Revolutionary Positioning


Spine is Unloaded

Is Unloaded

Deep Relaxation


Stress Relief


Better Blood Flow

Blood Flow

"At about 10 minutes of being on the bodyCushion the rib gently began to go back into place and I could finally take a full breath!"

Ziegler-Gorman (World Massage Festival 2019)

"The bodyCushion is a comprehensive positional release tool. By comparison, using a flat table is absolutely barbaric."

Dr. Leon Chaitow, world renowned Lecturer and Author

"Our EMG testing shows that the longer test subjects lie flat, tension continues to increase. I have to ask a question - does it make any sense, while trying to help someone, to make thier condition worse?"

Dr. Viniztky

"Needless to say, your products are an integral part of my rehab & recovery process."

Mike Gostigian (U.S. Pentathlete in the 1988, 1992, and 1996 Olympics)

"I have been using these for years!"

David Lemire (Quinn Physical Therapy / Apple Wellness Center)

Client Testimonials

A Win-Win Situation!

I purchased a bodyCushion to provide a more comfortable anatomical environment for my clients' body work. The eye opener for me was the ergonomic benefits for me as the therapist providing the body work. A 'win-win' situation - the client is in a great anatomical position and the therapist in a great ergonomical posture to provide the treatment. Thank you!

- Ann B Moore, BA, RN, LMT, CEES, Miami, FL

For Chiropractic…

Thank you for the bodyCushion. They seem custom-made for the technique upon which Logan College was founded.

- Richard Berman, D.C., Director, Yorkshire Health Center, St. Louis, MO

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Mayo Clinic
Kaiser Permanente
Johns Hopkins Hospital
VA Hospitals
Seattle Supersonics
Philadelphia 76ers
PGA Golf
University Of Texas
Green Bay Packers
Lebron James' Trainer
University Of Oklahoma
Brigham Young University
Navy Seals
New York Jets
U.S. Swim Team
Arizona State
University Of Oregon
University Of Florida
Toronto Maple Leafs
Boston Bruins
Minnesota Vikings
Washington State
NY Mets
LA Rams
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Boston Red Sox
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