4-Piece Connected bodyCushion

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The Connected bodyCushion™ features the same comfortable construction as the Original bodyCushion™. What makes the Connected bodyCushion™ different is that the Chest, Pelvic and Face Supports of the bodyCushion™ are inseparably connected to each other by nylon webbing. Having the bodyCushion™ parts inseparably connected means no lost or misplaced parts, ideal for multi-user facilities. Great for athletic training.

It is scientifically proven your body is not supposed to lay flat.  The bodyCushion supports your body by its bony frame, which allows for full relaxation of the muscles, your body be able to lay in the best position possible, and much more.  If you would like to know more about this please go here.

4-Piece Connected bodyCushion™ includes:

  • Connected Face, Chest, and Pelvic Support
  • One-Piece or Split Leg Support
  • Face Crescent Cotton Cover
  • 3-Year Vinyl Warranty
  • Lifetime Foam Warranty


The Connected bodyCushion™ is light-weight,compact, easily cleaned, easy-to-use, durable. Users of the Connected bodyCushion™ will enjoy ease of use, in that parts of the Connected bodyCushion™ are inseparable. No lost or misplaced parts!

Adjustable Velcro® straps between the Chest and Pelvic Supports provide complete adjustability for different body sizes. These Velcro® straps are also useful for attaching the Extenders, which allow the practitioner to lengthen the bodyCushion™ for longer torsos and add extra support in the side-lying position.

Please note: because the Chest Support is sewn to both the Face and Pelvic Supports, the optional Breast Protector accessory is not compatible with the Connected bodyCushion™.

Available in Black.

Made from advanced materials. The vinyl coverings are replaceable by a 3-year vinyl warranty. The foam is protected by a lifetime foam warranty.

Comprehensive video instructions for the bodyCushion™, viewable on our website


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