4-Piece Original bodyCushion Vinyl Replacement Set

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Freshen up your 4-Piece bodyCushion with new TAN vinyl coverings!

Vinyl replacement covers are only available in TAN.

Each individual cover is labeled, “Vinyl Replacement Cover for the bodyCushion”.

Includes new Face Crescent

Included with your new TAN vinyl replacement cover set is a completely new Face Crescent, with new foam and vinyl.

Color: TAN


  • New Face Crescent, complete, with foam and vinyl
  • Chest Support vinyl cover only
  • Pelvic Support vinyl cover only
  • Leg Support vinyl cover only (choice of 1-Piece or Split Leg)
  • 1 clear plastic covering for each foam part, allowing each foam part to slip easily into its new vinyl cover.
  • Vinyl replacement instructions
  • 3-year vinyl warranty

Handcrafted in Ashland OR