4-Piece Original bodyCushion

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  • The standard bodyCushion Chest Support supports without pressure on soft tissue areas.
  • The breastProtector simply replaces the standard bodyCushion Chest Support to provide comfort for large breasts, augmentations, perinatal patients and surgery recovery.


It is scientifically proven your body is not supposed to lay flat.  The bodyCushion supports your body by its bony frame, which allows for full relaxation of the muscles, your body be able to lay in the best position possible, and much more.  If you would like to know more about this please go here.


4-Piece Original bodyCushion™ includes:



Available in Blue.

Cotton Covers may be White, Light Blue or Black depending on availability

Made from advanced materials including durable, supple vinyl that's protected by a 3-year warranty. The foam in the Original bodyCushion™ is covered by a lifetime warranty, guaranteed to never to go flat.

Comprehensive video instructions for the bodyCushion™, viewable on our website.


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