In the medical arts, the bodyCushion is used anytime a patient would otherwise be recumbent on a flat table or bed. The bodyCushion enhances a wide variety of procedures and protocols, providing comfort for the patient while affording better control over the procedure for the practitioner.


In prone,

  • The bodyCushion improves hemodynamics; heart rate, blood pressure, and oxygenation.
  • During late third term pregnancy, preeclampsia is addressed by the bodyCushion with its Elevator, providing relief, hammocking the fetus outside the pelvis.
  • For pain management, comfort is afforded while providing control over the procedure.
  • Back pain relief, by decompressing the lumbar spine.
  • Prevention of decubitus ulcers by affording bed-ridden patients complete comfort prone and side-lying, as well as supine.
  • Vitreoretinal surgery patients find ease of face down compliance.
  • Hemorrhoidectomy or any protocol or procedure requiring the patient prone will be improved.
  • Prone intubation is accommodated.
  • MRI positioning
  • Fluoroscopy

Sports Medicine/ Physical Therapy/ Athletic Training

The bodyCushion facilitates the best possible outcomes for athletes and patients while affording control over the treatment. Whether addressing spine-related injuries or surgery recovery, the bodyCushion is the “Go-To” tool.

Massage & Wellness

Spa/ Massage Therapy/ Chiropractic/ Acupuncture

If your goal is to provide the most extraordinary treatment experience possible, you'll want your clients, patients, and guests treated on the bodyCushion. A simply applied tool that sets your practice apart.

Home Use/ Company Wellness

The bodyCushion provides comforting respite from life’s demands. Even a brief time resting in blissful face-down comfort brings relief. No massage or touch is necessary. The body is unloaded, muscles release and tension disappears.

Whether face down, face-up, or side-lying, your body is totally at ease in complete comfort, affording a restorative power nap.

Using the bodyCushion when seated provides a “massage chair” that’s more comfortable than any massage chair. Using any chair or stool, table or desk, you’re ready to receive the chair massage of your life.