Physical Therapy/Athletic Trainer

The bodyCushion is the right choice for your practice, giving patients and athletes the best possible outcome. The body is unloaded and completely relaxed, allowing your treatment applications to be optimized.




The Medical field is constantly looking for new innovations to further their abilities in helping people. The bodyCushion is a perfect tool for anyone in the medical field as it allows them to better work on their patients. Many hospitals have adopted the bodyCushion into patient care, including the Mayo Clinic. The bodyCushion is used by many hospitals for late term pregnancy, Intubation, and other patient treatments. 


Company Wellness

Your employees are extremely important to your business, so treat them right! Provide them with a bodyCushion on their breaks to rest and relax.  This will provide rejuvenation and better productivity.

Home use

The bodyCushion is great for the home user! If you have any sort of muscle tension, back pain, recovering from a hard workout etc... Laying on the bodyCushion for 15 minutes a day has extreme positive affects on your body, and helps you recover faster! This is because the bodyCushion supports you by its bone structure, instead of your squishy parts, allowing your muscles to be completely relaxed when they otherwise would not be.


If your goal is providing the most extraordinary spa experience possible, you'll want your massage guests treated on the bodyCushion. A simply applied tool that sets your spa apart with exceptional comfort.