Bargain Basement

Occasionally we have demo units, discontinued items, or factory seconds that we offer at reduced pricing.

Currently we have a very limited number of the 4-Pc bodyCushion2 with Split-Leg Supports, an item that has been discontinued. These bodyCushion2 units are in new condition.

Compared to the Original bodyCushion, the bodyCushion2 is 2 inches narrower, has a single-strap connection for the Face Support, and does not have side handles.

The Original bodyCushion is made of “Lifetime Foam” that carries a 10 year guarantee. The foam in the bodyCushion2 is covered by a 3 year guarantee.

The bodyCushion2 is only available in Tan.

The price of the Original bodyCushion 4-Pc with Split-Leg Support is $579

The price of the 4-Pc bodyCushion2 with Split Leg Support is $399