The bodyCushion™ was at the Iowa Chiropractic Society's 2017 Fall Symposium!

Posted by Chelsea North on 24th Oct 2017

This past weekend, the bodyCushion™ was showcased at the Iowa Chiropractic Society's 2017 Fall Symposium to empower chiropractic professionals with the knowledge of optimal positioning! 

Professionals that use the bodyCushion and accessory products are able to provide their clients with heightened results and improved outcomes. The bony structures of the body are fully supported, allowing the soft tissue to fully relax. In turn, the body to be more accepting of the treatment's beneficial results and increases their client's over-all experience and the practitioner's professional reputation. 

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone at the Iowa Chiropractic Society that made the bodyCushion's presence at the Fall Symposium possible!

A special congratulations to the bodyCushion raffle winner, Mark Hanson, D.C. from Hanson Chiropractic Clinic.  

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*This Fall photo was taken by Chelsea North outside of the Body Support Systems, Inc. office building in Southern Oregon, where all bodyCushion products are handcrafted with superior materials to ensure the highest quality products for our customers world wide.