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Demo products that have been used in our showroom or in a photo shoot.

In prone, the bodyCushion Elevator increases support for larger frames while also deepening the bodyCushion abdominal recess for late third term pregnancy.

Hemodynamics, blood pressure, heart rate, and oxygenation all improve in prone, and with the bodyCushion Elevator blood flow is balanced throughout the body, reducing pressure to the facial sinuses, allowing complete comfort for extended periods of lumbar and pelvic relief.

Although the three parts of the bodyCushion Elevator are connected to each other by hook and loop, no adjustment is necessary.

The bodyCushion Elevator attaches to the bottom of the bodyCushion by way of hook and loop connecting through the side handles of any bodyCushion Chest Support.

To create more space for the pregnant uterus when using the bodyCushion Elevator for prone relief, simply separate the bodyCushion Chest and Pelvic Supports. (Again, no adjustment of the Elevator is necessary).

Product Info:


  • Face Elevator
  • Chest Support Elevator
  • Pelvic Support Elevator

Color: Black

Dimensions: L.W.H. (42" x 19" x 2.5")

3-year warranty

Handcrafted in Ashland, OR 

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