bodyCushion Elevator

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bodyCushion Elevator

img-2150-1-.jpgThe bodyCushion Elevator is the most profound breakthrough in physical medicine for back therapy since the advent of the Original bodyCushion itself! The bodyCushion Elevator is used as part of the Medical bodyCushion line for ultimate support. Attaches to 2019 or older bodyCushions with Velcro straps. 

This simply applied platform is attached beneath the bodyCushion to increase anatomical support. With this added elevation, the bodyCushion provides positional traction for the lumbar spine as well as variable angles of flexion for the cervical spine, which can be patient determined and controlled.

This easily adapted enhancement for the bodyCushion also provides increased support for larger framed individuals, allowing resizing your bodyCushion to accommodate very large clients and patients, effectively resizing your bodyCushion to an XL bodyCushion. This is achieved by using the Adjusters and Extenders in the Adjuster Caddy Set, not included with the Retro Platform Base.

The added height of the subject’s torso places the subject’s extremities well below the level of the heart, thus reducing otherwise blood-induced pressure to the facial sinuses, allowing extended periods of comfortable, healing relief for the spine while prone.

The bodyCushion Elevator offers a whole new approach to back therapy. Your client’s torso is elevated, making access easier for you. While your patient’s spine is decompressed, manual approaches are made easy; rocking, jostling, and mobilizations are applied without bending over.

With the bodyCushion Elevator your bodyCushion truly becomes a profound therapy-in-itself.

Your patients, clients and athletes will appreciate healing relief.

You will appreciate vastly improved outcomes!