bodyCushion for Pregnancy With bodyCushion Elevator

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The bodyCushion for Pregnancy is a positioning device that provides prone relief for late third term pregnancy. This anatomically designed tool allows pregnant women in the late third term to lie comfortably in a semi-quadrupedal (prone) position for extended periods of time. The patient is free of pain and pressure, allowing relief without risk of overstretching the uterine ligaments. The pregnant uterus is hammocked in an anatomically designed opening thereby relieving pregnancy induced back pain as well as fetus induced pressure on nerves and vessels in the pelvic girdle. The opening for the pregnant uterus and fetus is adjustable by way of Velcro-like straps that allow the pelvic support to be closer or farther from the support for the chest.

The bodyCushion for Pregnancy is comprised of two parts that are unified as one device. The upper part of the positioner can be separated from the Platform Base, in which case the upper part can serve to provide stable, comfortable lateral recumbent positioning for the pregnant patient. To separate the upper part from the platform base, simply disconnect the attachments.

To allow side-lying on this upper part, the chest support and pelvic support are separated approximately four inches to allow placement of the patient’s shoulder between these two parts. The patient is positioned with their shoulder between these parts, with their shoulder resting on the treatment table and their arm extended, the torso is positioned in the mid-line aspect of the pelvic support, their torso then cradled and stabilized. The usual compressive pressure to the shoulder when otherwise side-lying is eliminated as the shoulder is free of supporting pressure. The side of the patient’s head rests on the area of the sternum support of the chest support. The face crescent is then removed from its plastic base and placed beneath the patient’s head to cushion and cradle the side of the head in a way that provides lateral cervical support as well as relief for the patient’s ear. The uterus is then supported on the lower, sloping portion of the pelvic support. In the lateral recumbent (side-lying) position the Leg Support is placed under the patient’s upper leg with the hip and knee flexed 90 degrees, or with both lower extremities flexed in this manner, the Leg support is placed between the legs, (supporting between the legs). The patient experiences the lateral recumbent position in complete comfort.

The upper part, used for side-lying, can be quickly reconnected to the Platform Base. With these two parts firmly connected, the device is then appropriate for positioning the patient prone during the late third term of pregnancy.

Ease of Use: The height of this pregnancy positioning optimizer allow the patient to ease themselves to prone from a kneeling position. Likewise, when arising from prone, the patient simply eases themselves back upright to a kneeling position, without engaging the muscles of the lower back, by assisting somewhat with their arms. 

The  bodyCushion for Pregnancy provides optimal support even in the late third term. The design of this support has been determined by PATH, (an NGO concerned with maternity issues worldwide seeking an answer for pre-eclampsia), to be appropriate for supporting the expectant mother face in the later third term. This PATH - approved design also supports all clients and patients, women and men, providing control during treatment for access, stability, and comfort.

Using the bodyCushion for Pregnancy (with the Platform Base) for massage:

The use of this tool is about giving the “work” over to positioning. Paying attention to optimizing the client’s position is key. Optimizing your client’s position on your table significantly reduces the otherwise physical demand placed on you to expend physical energy in attempts to achieve positive change. Relief is achieved principally by placing your attention on idealizing each client’s position according to their needs.

Regarding pregnancy massage:

When applying a prenatal massage using the bodyCushion for Pregnancy (with the Platform Base), 85% to 90% of the achieved outcome can be attributed to this tool, outcomes that far surpass any possible outcomes achieved by conventional massage methods.

Examples of treatment contribution by the bodyCushion for Pregnancy (with the Platform Base) during prone pregnancy positioning include: alleviation of back pain, complete relief of pelvic discomfort, relief from pressure otherwise imposed on internal organs, optimization of hemodynamics (blood flow and oxygenation), relief from breast discomfort due to swollen, sensitive breasts, and relief from muscle tension of the shoulders and neck. All the foregoing contributions to treatment are provided by the bodyCushion for Pregnancy (with the Platform Base). Supporting the client’s torso on the landmarks of the bony frame results in spinal unloading, spinal decompression, and disengagement of associated spinal musculature. Pelvic discomfort is alleviated by the suspension and cradling of the pregnant uterus in the anatomically designed abdominal recess. All these positive contributions to treatment are due to the physical dynamics afforded by this positioning tool’s science-based, anatomical design considerations.

The Retro Platform Base gives you a tool that meets the needs of the most demanding late term pregnancy and affords the distressed client restful relief for extended periods, even for hours, all day, and even overnight… again, easing pressure, eliminating pain and optimizing hemodynamics.

Regarding table height: Positioned on the bodyCushion (with the Platform Base) your client’s body will be much higher (on your table) than you are used to. The height of the Platform Base provides abundant space for the full term pregnant uterus and allows easing from prone to upright (post treatment) on the subject’s knees without engaging the musculature of the lumbar spine (QL’s), thereby eliminating the possibility of post treatment spasm of those muscles. This tool provides numerous treatment benefits that assure a positive treatment outcome. Applying medium pressure palpation, sufficient for soothing muscles and increasing blood flow, is very effective. Other applications might include combining directed deep breathing with thumb pressure to the lateral aspect of the QL’s along with gentle rocking, working the hamstrings, glutes, the TFL and lower extremities. All are very effective, all applied easily and comfortably while you are standing upright, without bending over. The shoulders and neck are likewise accessible from the head end of the table. Without forcing anything, techniques are applied easily while the client is completely relaxed. You simply allow the idealized positioning of your client to provide the major influence of their healing experience.

Regarding draping: Placing a towel across the chest support before the client lies prone provides a wrap for her privacy (simply wrap the towel ends behind her back and, tuck before she eases herself back to her knees) or have her wrap herself in this way before she goes prone, the towel then at the ready when she dismounts.

Lateral recumbent positioning using the bodyCushion for Pregnancy with the Retro Platform base: Having the subject move from prone to side lying is made easy by simply separating the Chest and Pelvic Supports 4 inches, then have the subject turn to the right and place her left shoulder between the Chest and Pelvic Supports. (You may have already separated the Chest and Pelvic Supports prior to your subject lying prone). The Leg Support can then be place between her legs with her hips and knees in 90 degrees flexion, (90 & 90) or beneath her right leg, with the right hip and knee flexed 90 & 90.

Regarding adjustability: The Retro Platform Base is adjustable in length, (as is the bodyCushion), thus it can serve the positioning requirements of even the very largest of pregnant clients.