Why should I use your positioning systems?

Unlike the standard treatment table, the human body is not flat, but consists of many curves and contours. As a result, many people experience discomfort and/or pain when receiving treatments on a flat table. EMG (Electromyography) studies show that back muscles actually tighten up when lying face down on a flat surface! The contoured designs of our positioning systems create maximum comfort, relieve stress, and provide ultimate relaxation by supporting the body on its bony structures, preventing pressure on soft tissue areas, and decompressing the spine.


Who uses your products?

Our products are used by hundreds of thousands of professionals worldwide: Physical Therapists, Massage Therapists, Rehabilitation Specialists, Athletic Trainers, Chiropractors, Acupuncturists, Radiologists, Women's Care, and various other health and medical professionals. Our products are also used by thousands of individuals all over the world to ease neck and back pain, recover from surgery, find comfort during pregnancy, or to simply relax! Read our customer success stories.

What is the bodyCushion™?

The bodyCushion is a high-tech, high-quality body positioning system that allows a person to lie face-down, face-up, or on their side without unnecessary pressure on soft tissue areas. The bodyCushion is adjustable to allow an extensive range of body types maximum support and comfort. By placing support under the bony structures of the body like the clavicles, ribs, sternum and pelvis, body weight is distributed in a way that there no distinct sense of pressure, breath comes easily with no restriction on the diaphragm, and the spine is unloaded, decompressed, and the associated musculature relaxed.


How do I know I am purchasing an authentic bodyCushion™ and not a counterfeit or cheap imitation?

The bodyCushion is protected by a recognized "trade dress," established by a lawsuit brought before the United States District Court in Mississippi in July of 1996 (Body Support Systems, Inc. vs. Blue Ridge Tables, Inc.). Trade dress refers to the physical appearance of the bodyCushion, including its size, shape, color, design, and texture, as well as the manner in which the product is packaged, wrapped, labeled, presented, promoted, or advertised, including the use of distinctive graphics, configurations, and marketing strategies. Trade dress has no formal registration requirements and receives legal protection simply by being distinctive and recognizable.

Over the past 30 years of manufacturing and marketing the distinctive and recognizable bodyCushion, we have encountered numerous copies and cheap imitations made of inferior materials and lacking in the quality, comfort, and durability that our customers have come to expect. Not only do copies and imitations mislead the customer in terms of quality and support, they also tend to be produced in foreign factories that do not adhere to the sound environmental and labor practices upheld in the United States of America. Upon examination, cheap imitations often emit strong, noxious odors that are a result of the low-quality foam and/or vinyl off-gassing. Off-gassing refers to the release of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and exposure can result in eye, nose and throat irritation, nausea, and headaches. US manufactuers have eliminated the most harmful VOCs, however, there may be cases of non-compliance and different standards in other countries. Because our products are used in health and therapeutic applications, and regularly used with pregnant women, we feel it is of the upmost importance to use the highest quality materials in order to avoid potential exposure to any toxic substances that may cause harm. From the smell of it, our competitors are not concerned with the unpleasant and potentially unsafe odors eminating from their imitations. By offering lower prices, violating our trade dress, manufacturing in foreign factories, and using cheap, inferior materials that could potentially cause you harm, our competitors hope to win your business. For your health, safety, and comfort, we encourage you to support our small business, as well as other US manufacturers that have your best interest at the heart of their business models.

If you believe you have purchased a counterfeit bodyCushion or cheap imitation of one of our other products, we encourage you to contact us. We will assist you in finding the authentic Body Support Systems products you are looking for, and we will reach out to any retailers or manufacturers that may be in violation of our trade dress. Our products are available all around the globe. Contact us if you need assistance finding a distributor of our products in your area.

Can I drape my bodyCushion with sheets?

For ease and convenience, we highly recommend purchasing a bodyCushion Cotton Cover Set. Our 100% cotton covers are durable, elastic fitted, and made to fit and protect each component of the 4-Piece bodyCushion. Cotton covers are soft and comfortable against the skin and help to protect the vinyl from oils and lotions. We offer our cotton covers in three different colors: White, Light Blue, and Black. If you prefer to use draping instead of our cotton fitted covers, please refer to the Basic Applications video for detailed instructions on draping and transitioning from prone to supine and vice versa. The draping instructions begin around the 6 minute mark in Part 2 of the Basic Applications video.


How do I clean the bodyCushion and other Body Support Systems products?

The bodyCushion should be covered with a sheet, towel, or fitted bodyCushion Cotton Covers to prevent contact with skin, oil, or lotion. Accumulations of oil or lotion over time will form a hard “lacquer” that will cause the vinyl to crack. If the vinyl does come in contact with skin, oil, or lotion, clean after use with a solution of 10% household liquid dish soap with warm water applied with a soft damp cloth. Wipe away any residue with a water-dampened cloth, and then dry with a soft, lint-free cloth or towel. For additional information, please see Care & Cleaning.


What is the return policy?

 Order now! We’re so convinced you will fall in love with your bodyCushion™, we have a 90-day, better-than-money-back guarantee! We pay the return shipping, and the bodyCushion doesn’t have to be in pristine condition. Use it for 90 days! You’ll love it. Your clients will love it.

With this guarantee, we have had a less-than ½ of 1% return rate.

Ninety days! And if you need more time, no worries! We’ll even extend the time so that you can be sure, having enough time to find out that this amazing tool will do half your work for you! Order now! You can’t go wrong!

Give it a try for 90 days.

 Please read our full Return Policy for additional information.


Do you offer a warranty on your products?

Yes! All warranties are limited to manufacturing defects in materials or workmanship. The warranty coverage is as follows:

Vinyl: Covered by a 3-year limited warranty.

Foam: In the original bodyCushion, foam is covered by a lifetime-limited warranty and guaranteed never to go flat. Please note: The foam softens over time. The softening of the foam is not covered by the lifetime warranty. Foam in the bodyCushion2™ is covered by a 3-year warranty.

Face Support Base: The plastic Face Crescent Base is covered by a 3-year limited warranty.

Cotton Covers: Covered by a 90-day limited warranty.


Do you sell replacement parts?

Yes, in order to extend the lifecycle of each bodyCushion, we sell replacement parts for those outside of warranty coverage. We offer bodyCushion replacement parts which include new foam and vinyl, and we offer Vinyl Replacement for customers who only need to replace the vinyl coverings on their bodyCushion.

Why is the vinyl sticky on my old bodyCushion™ and can it be cleaned?

We typically hear reports of sticky vinyl from our customers who have bodyCushions that are 10-25 years old and who live in hot, humid climates. Vinyl is a type of plastic and like most plastics, it can degrade over time. The degradation process will accelerate if the vinyl is not properly cared for (i.e. you have tried using cleaners that are unsuitable for use on vinyl or if the vinyl is exposed to strong sunlight and/or intense heat or humidity for an extended period of time). If the vinyl on your bodyCushion™ feels sticky and it is not due to spilled foods, oils, or liquids, then natural degrading is most likely the cause. In most cases, it should be possible to clean and restore the vinyl covering on your bodyCushion.

Suggested Methods for Cleaning Sticky Vinyl:

Please note: The cleaning methods below are based on feedback from our customers and are not guaranteed to clean your sticky vinyl. We highly recommend testing your desired cleaning method on an inconspicuous spot first before applying any cleaning product to all of the vinyl. We also recommend trying method #1 or #2 first, as these methods are more gentle on the vinyl than method #3.

1 - Remove the foam cushions from the vinyl covers. Soak vinyl covers in a solution of Ecos laundry detergent and water overnight. Scrub the next day with a clean cotton rag. Rinse thoroughly with warm water and air dry.

2 - Remove the foam cushions from the vinyl covers. Using a soft cotton rag, scrub the vinyl covers with a solution of baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) and water. Rinse thoroughly with warm water and air dry.

3 - Please note: This method may cause the vinyl to become brittle or crack over time. If that is not a concern because your sticky vinyl is unusable as it is, then you might try this method. Only attempt this method outside or in a well ventilated area, as it may produce very strong odors. Remove the foam cushions from the vinyl covers. Using a clean cotton rag, quickly rub the vinyl with isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol). The stickiness may come off of the vinyl as an oily substance. After the stickiness is removed by the rubbing alcohol, wash the vinyl covers in a solution of warm water and Dawn dish detergent. Rinse thoroughly in warm water and air dry.

If the suggested cleaning methods above do not thoroughly clean your sticky vinyl, we sell replacement parts to extend the lifec-ycle of each bodyCushionWe offer bodyCushion replacement parts which include new foam and vinyl, and we offer Vinyl Replacement for customers who only need to replace the vinyl coverings on their bodyCushion. We would love to hear your feedback and/or personal experiences with cleaning sticky vinyl as it helps us to continually improve our products and assist other customers.