Founder's Story

tom-owens.jpgTom Owens, founder of Body Support Systems, has been engaged in the pursuit of therapeutic orthopedic positioning for over 30 years. Having explored, examined, researched, and tested various aspects of positioning as a singular career pursuit since 1984, it has been said that no one knows more about orthopedic positioning.

Tom began practicing massage in 1970 and the bodyCushion™ arose out Tom’s practical therapeutic applications as a licensed practitioner in Ashland, Oregon.

The body positioning system known today as the bodyCushion is a highly developed, refined positioning tool that has evolved since its first inception in 1986. In 1988, Tom became a CE Provider, teaching the elements and benefits of positioning for massage and muscle therapy. 


Tom has traveled exstensively around the U.S. and the world including Japan where he presents seminars in positioning to doctors, chiropractors, and physical therapists in major cities throughout the country. The Japanese seminars are based on a book and a video series Tom authored called New Approaches to Muscle Therapy.

In the book and videos, Tom demonstrates and describes seventy different positioning techniques that address and enhance specific therapeutic challenges.

Tom attends trade shows and conferences to speak about the importance of positioning. Tom was a presenter at the 2009 World Massage Conference and in 2011 he was inducted into the Massage Therapy Hall of Fame.

Today, the bodyCushion is used in more than 100 countries by hundreds of thousands of health professionals worldwide: in hospitals, Physical Therapy clinics, Athletic Training rooms, Chiropractic offices, Acupuncture and Oriental medicine clinics. It is used for applications of all kinds of massage disciplines including Thai, Shiatsu, and Prenatal. The bodyCushion is also used by hundreds of individuals to ease their back pain, recover from surgery, find comfort during pregnancy, or to simply relax.