Full Pro Plus+Plus System

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The bodyCushion™, originated in 1986, is the first-of-its-kind, and the world’s highest-quality, most versatile orthopedic positioning system. With the Full Pro Plus+Plus, we include both the standard Chest Support and the breastProtector. This one package gives you a full, comprehensive assortment of positioning tools, allowing you to address the needs of any client regardless of their anatomical challenge. No more hunting for the right tool, or wishing you'd purchased the complete package.

Our Full Pro Plus+Plus System includes:

  • Pelvic Support
  • Chest Support
  • Face Support
  • Split-Leg Support
  • breastProtector
  • armRests - Set of 2
  • Pelvic Support Cotton Cover
  • Chest Support Cotton Cover
  • Split-Leg Support Cotton Covers
  • Face Crescent Cotton Covers - Set of 8
  • armRest Cotton Cover Set
  • Adjuster Caddy Set
  • bakPak carry bag
  • Adjuster Clip-On Tote
  • armRest Clip-On Tote
  • 3-Year Vinyl Warranty
  • Foam Warranty 

These tools allow you to optimize each client's positioning while in your care. The wedges, adjusters, and extenders of the Adjuster Caddy Set comfortably position and adjust the bodyCushion™ to comfortably support clients who have special positioning challenges.  A set of two armRests increase positioning options for the shoulders, arms, and hands. These components are all conveniently transported in our bakPak,  Adjuster Clip-On Tote and armRest Clip-On Tote. These tools are built to last, and cost only pennies a day over time.

The bodyCushion™ supports the body on its bony structures, allowing the body to rest facedown, faceup, side-lying or seated without pressure on sensitive soft tissue areas. Unloading the body is therapeutic in itself, facilitating improved outcomes for all types of applications.

The Face, Chest and Pelvic Supports attach to one another via adjustable Velcro® straps. If desired, they can be separated by detaching the Velcro® straps. This provides maximum versatility.

Offer your clients the softness of 100-percent cotton against their skin with Cotton Covers for Face, Leg, Chest and Pelvic supports.

The Adjuster Caddy Set’s small positioning bolsters and wedges help comfortably position and adjust the angle of the bodyCushion™ for clients’ specific needs - whether it’s a woman in the third trimester of pregnancy who needs additional height under the pelvis or a patient with acute lower back pain who needs additional spinal decompression. Extenders lengthen the bodyCushion™ to support longer torsos.

The bakPak protects and keeps your 4-Piece bodyCushion™ and any draping or small accessories together and travel-ready. The Adjuster Clip-on Tote fits and protects the Adjuster Caddy Set. For convenience, it clips to the top of the bakPak carry bag.

The armRests are a must for addressing rotator cuff problems and injuries and can also add useful width to a narrow table. The armRest Clip-on Tote fits and protects the armRests and clips to the bottom of the bakPak for streamlined transportation.

Made from advanced materials including durable, supple vinyl that comes with a three-year warranty. The foam in the Original bodyCushion™ is covered by a lifetime warranty.

Original bodyCushion is available in Blue

Adjuster Caddy Set, armRests, bakPak, Adjuster Clip-On Tote and armRest Clip-On Tote all available in Black
Cotton Covers may be White, Light Blue or Black depending on availability

Comprehensive video instructions for the bodyCushion™, viewable on our website


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