Full Pro Plus+Plus System

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The bodyCushion originated in 1986, is the first, and highest-quality, most versatile orthopedic positioning system in the world today.

With the Full Pro Plus+Plus, both the standard Chest Support and the breastProtector chest support are included. This one package gives you a comprehensive assortment of positioning tools, allowing you to optimize the positioning of all patients. Optimizing your patient’s comfort makes all the difference in treatment outcomes. The positioning afforded the patient becomes a treatment in itself.

The bodyCushion, the key foundation of this assortment of tools, supports the body on its bony frame, allowing the body to rest in prone, supine, side-lying or seated without pressure on sensitive soft tissues. Unloading the body is therapeutic in itself, facilitating improved outcomes for all types of applications

The Face, Chest and Pelvic Supports of the bodyCushion are adjustable, attaching to one another with adjustable straps. If desired, they can be separated by detaching the straps, allowing the use of alternate chest supports and maximizing versatility.

Added to the bodyCushion is a full assortment of positioning tools that allow optimizing each patient’s body position. Two Large Wedges, a Small Wedge, two Long Rectangular Adjusters, and four Extenders of the Adjuster Caddy Set adjust the bodyCushion to comfortably support all patients, even in late third term pregnancy, Large Wedges also increase spinal decompression.

Extenders lengthen the bodyCushion to support longer torsos.

armRests increase positioning options for the shoulders, arms, and hands in prone.

These positioning tools are conveniently transported in totes that clip to the main compartment of the bakPak carry bag, which has a large, zippered front pocket.

Comprehensive instructional videos for the bodyCushion are on our website.


  • bodyCushion, Slate Blue
  • Adjuster Caddy Set, armRests, bakPak, Totes, Black    
  • Face Crescent Covers: Light Blue


  • Face Support
  • Pelvic Support
  • Chest Support
  • One-Piece Leg Support
  • breastProtector
  • armRests - Set of 2
  • Face Crescent Cotton Covers - Set of 8
  • Adjuster Caddy Set
  • bakPak carry bag
  • Adjuster Clip-On Tote
  • armRest Clip-On Tote
  • 3-year vinyl warranty
  • 10-year “Lifetime Foam” warranty

Handcrafted in Ashland, OR

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