Materials & Manufacturing

bodyCushion products are handcrafted of the most appropriate, highest quality materials available in the world today.

Foam view of the bodyCushion



The vinyl used as a covering for the bodyCushion and its accessorizing products is the most durable, supple vinyl available anywhere. The vinyl has a patented finish that makes it extremely puncture and abrasion resistant while also allowing it to withstand repeated cleanings. This vinyl assures excellent performance, strength, and durability in demanding medical and healthcare environments.


The proprietary foam construction of the bodyCushion is comprised of a variety of specific densities of High-Resiliency and Earth Cell foams in contoured layers. This step-laminated, specific density construction provides elevation of support and optimizes comfort. These High-Resiliency and Earth Cell foams are expanded using a patented CO2 and water process that yields an extremely durable and odor-free foam.


The thread used to sew the bodyCushion and related products is a thread used to sew racing sailboat sails. It is a very strong, bonded, twisted, continuous filament thread that is highly resistant to abrasion, UV, bleach, mildew, and rot.

Face Support Base

Injection molded thermoplastic construction is known for its resistance and toughness. The “Fresh Air” bodyCushion Face Support Base is extremely durable support for the Face Crescent, providing approximately 15 degrees flexion for the neck. Generous openings on all sides optimize airflow when lying in the face-down position.