Materials & Manufacturing

We proudly make all of our products in-house in our facility in Ashland, Oregon, using the highest quality of globally sourced materials.

Every unit undergoes an intensive quality control process to ensure the consistency and durability of our product.


We use premium globally sourced vinyl coverings on all our products. Our vinyl is soft, supple, and extremely durable with a patented finish, allowing it to withstand repeated cleanings with robust sanitizing solutions.

Our vinyl topcoat finish is technically formulated to achieve the highest performance standards including an expanded range of clean-ability, improved stain resistance, high-level performance, and improved abrasion resistance. Our advanced materials provide outstanding strength in demanding medical and healthcare environments as it contains agents to protect it against bacterial and fungal micro-organisms and have been formulated to achieve a superior level of protection.


We use a patented, specific-density foam construction comprised of different densities of foam, constructed to meet our exact standards. We use a combination of High Resiliency (HR) foam and Earth Cell™ foam to achieve our superior support.

High Resiliency foam is the highest grade foam available, made from quality materials which provide extreme elasticity and optimal support for a long life cycle. Earth Cell™ foam is made of a renewable-based bio-polyol, like soy, which reduces dependency on fossil fuels, reduces energy demand, and creates a smaller environmental footprint.

Our foam is expanded with carbon dioxide and water, a process that is gentler to the environment and leaves the foam odor-free.


Our products are sewn using a bonded, twisted continuous filament thread specifically designed to provide resistance against nature's harshest elements. Our thread features a unique bonding technology that safeguards against ply untwisting and is the only environmentally-friendly bonded thread available.

This thread is abrasion, UV, bleach, mildew, and rot resistant.

Face Support Base

Injection molded thermoplastic construction is known for its resistance and toughness. The Face Support Base provides an extremely durable, functional support for the Face Crescent. Generous openings on all sides offer optimal airflow when lying in the face-down position.

Avoid exposure to sunlight to prevent degradation of the plastic.