miniCushion with Breast Protector

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The miniCushion was developed specifically for chiropractors and is designed to fit all chiropractic adjusting tables. The miniCushion Breast Protector chest support provides maximum comfort for patients with large breasts, augmentations, prenatal patients and surgery recovery. 

miniCushion with Breast Protector and Face Support includes:

  • 3" miniCushion Breast Protector Support
  • 3" miniCushion Pelvic Support

Using the miniCushion with chiropractic patients eliminates bracing and eases thoracic adjusting. The miniCushion supports the torso on its bony frame, increases breast comfort, allows for deep abdominal breathing, and eases low back tension. With the miniCushion, any flat surface becomes an ideal adjusting table.

Made from Advanced Materials including durable, supple vinyl that's protected by a 3-year warranty.