Our Values

Here are Body Support System's company values!

Service to Humankind: We pursue our mission of high purpose with a sense of service to humanity, affecting positive change in the world by improving healing, thereby contributing to a better world.  We greet each day as a day filled with potential opportunities to address and share the importance of optimizing positioning.  This increase of awareness continues to grow daily which, in turn, increases the health of the people in this world.

Environment: We at Body Support Systems Inc. operate consciously regarding the environment.  We acknowledge climate science; the climate change is real and caused by human activity.  Body Support Systems makes it our responsibility to make the carbon footprint as small as possible.  We achieve this by manufacturing the longest-lasting, most durable products possible.  We do not engage in planned obsolescence. We utilize the very best, most appropriate raw goods available and carefully minimize waste in our manufacturing processes by carefully recycling.

Charitable Giving: In addition to our service of educating about the importance of positioning and proving the best tools to meet the demands of all manner of positioning challenges; we also give back to broad sectors our larger community.  Body Support Systems does this by allocating a portion of our proceeds to charity.

Positive Work Culture: As a company, employees share the fruits of their labor. BSS Inc provides excellent working conditions, fair wages, and recognizes the importance of a positive work culture.  Body Support Systems Inc. recognizes that employees bring their life to our common effort, a very valuable contribution indeed.  Collaboration, cooperation, and participation in decision making are encouraged.  Maintaining a healthful lifestyle and balance in life is encouraged, and personal time considerations are highly regarded.

Made in USA: We are based in Ashland, Oregon and provide jobs to our local community.  All of our products are hand-crafted with care and quality attention in Ashland itself.