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Provide relief for a late third term pregnancy.

The bodyCushion for Pregnancy is the most advanced prenatal orthopedic positioning device available anywhere in the world. It offers safe, restful relief throughout the pregnancy. Increased space for the pregnant uterus is provided by separating the bodyCushion Chest Support and Pelvic Support.

More than 30 years of pregnancy positioning experience led to the development of the bodyCushion Elevator. The combination of the bodyCushion and the Elevator accommodates the expectant mother in complete comfort throughout her pregnancy even in the late third term.

Some key benefits

  • Increased torso elevation and hip flexion

  • Extended periods of relief, even all day, and overnight

  • Reducing or eliminating pain

  • Optimizing hemodynamics (blood flow)

  • Low back and pelvic pressure are alleviated

  • Provides safe prenatal face-down positioning

  • An effective solution for preeclampsia

  • Aids in prone intubation

In addition to the numerous prenatal benefits when face down, the bodyCushion also provides side lying and reclining comfort for pregnancy and can serve to support when seated, as well.

Connecting the Elevator

The Elevator attaches to the bodyCushion side handles with hook and loop straps, providing reliable support. Overall, the Elevator raises the bodyCushion two and a half inches. No adjustment of the Elevator is necessary.

You can adjust the separation of the Pelvic Support from the Chest Support of the bodyCushion to accommodate the growing fetus.

Face Crescent Cotton Covers are available in packages of 8.

Product Info:


  • Face Support
  • breastProtector Chest Support
  • Pelvic Support
  • 1-Piece Leg Support
  • <s

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