Support your patients and your practice with the original orthopedic positioning system and get better, faster results when treating your patients! The bodyCushion™ gives you maximum control over applied treatments and access to body parts and muscle groups in ways not possible if your patient is lying on a flat table. The bodyCushion™ unlocks the potential for an array of rehabilitative treatments: flexion, extension, spinal traction, prone pregnancy, isolation, partial loading, and deep decompression.

The difference is all in the positioning. The contoured design of the bodyCushion™ was created for maximum comfort, ultimate relaxation, and pain-free positioning. By supporting the body on its bony structures, the entired body is cradled without pressure. When lying prone on the bodyCushion™, body weight is distributed in a way that the patient has no distinct sense of pressure and the spine is unloaded, decompressed, and the associated musculature relaxed. The patient is not even subtly or unconsciously guarding. With an abdominal recess and the fresh air design of the face crescent base, the patient and can breathe deeply and easily with no restriction on the diaphragm. The bodyCushion™ can also be used: face-up to relieve the hip and lumbar spine of supporting pressure; side-lying to significantly reduce pressure on the shoulder; as well as seated to provide comfort and support. Adjusts to fit all body sizes and types.

The Physical Therapy Package includes the items most often used by Physical Therapists. We recommend the 3-Piece Connected bodyCushion™, the Non-Slip 1-piece Leg Support, the Orthopedic Platform, and a Set of 8 Face Crescent Cotton Covers. With the Connected bodyCushion™, the Face, Chest, and Pelvic Supports are permanently attached to one another via nylon webbing sewn between the cushions which makes this model ideal for multi user settings and no misplaced pieces. The bottom of the Non-Slip 1-Piece Leg Support is partially covered in a non-slip vinyl to keep the bolster in the desired position during treatment. The Orthopedic Platform elevates the pelvis to accentuate spinal traction and decompression, offers additional support for larger frames and pregnant women, and is completely covered in a non-slip vinyl to keep the bodyCushion™ properly positioned and to give the practitioner greater stability and control. Our Face Crescent Cotton Covers are seamless, reversible, and soft and gentle against the skin.

Made from Advanced Materials including a medical grade vinyl. Made in USA.