Wide-Eyed Face Support

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The Wide-Eyed Face Support is specifically designed for vitrectomy eye surgery recovery.

The wide-eyed design allows comfortable support for the face without pressure on or near the eyes. For enhanced comfort, the Wide-Eyed Face Crescent upper surface is constructed of fabric and, additionally, is covered with a washable, 100% cotton Interlock, elastic-fitted Wide-Eyed Face Crescent Cover, tailor-made for the Wide-Eyed Face Crescent.

The “Air-Flow” Face Support Base (upon which the Wide-Eyed Face Crescent is attached) is designed to provide generous airflow to the face.

The Wide-Eyed Face Crescent is adjustable by way of attachment to the Face Support Base by hook and loop. The jaw portion of the Wide-Eyed Face Crescent can be widened and the Wide-Eyed Face Crescent can be positioned higher or lower on the Face Support Base to accommodate various facial structures.

When used as a part of the bodyCushion, the Wide-Eyed Face Support can be placed close to the bodyCushion Chest Support or farther from the Chest Support by way of hook and loop attachments to straps that extend from the bodyCushion Chest Support.

The Wide-Eyed Face Support facilitates face-down post-surgical positioning for long periods of restful comfort, assuring prone compliance.


  • Vinyl - Tan or Slate Blue
  • Fabric - Varied
  • Face Support Base - Black 
  • Cotton Cover - Light BlueWhite or Black


  • Face Support Base
  • Wide-Eyed Face Crescent
  • 1 Wide-Eyed Face Crescent Cover
  • 3-year Face Support warranty
  • 90-day Wide-Eyed Face Crescent Cover warranty


  • Width of eye-opening - 4.75”
  • Over-all dimensions - 5.5” high, 12” wide, 11” length

Made in the USA.